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We care to invest in potentials. Whatever your background, we offer anyone with a good pitch a chance to be part of our food revolution. Do you feel you can contribute with your attitude and useful skillset?

Supply Chain Manager

With thorough knowledge of raw materials and supply chains, you can help ensure that everyone has enough food without destroying the world in the process. Join us in making positive changes for a better future.

Egg albumen powder – high gel

Surimi | Ham | Veggie burgers | Sausages

Egg albumen powder with gelling properties enables you to give your food products more ‘bite’. It contains one of the most valued properties of egg white, namely the ability to coagulate and form a gel.

Egg albumen powder – high whip

Tiramisu | Merengue | Angel kisses | Zefir | Berliners

Egg white has unique, indispensable properties to produce stable foams. Our egg white powders enable confectioners to create the most beautiful looking food products.

Whole egg powder

Sponge cakes | Muffins | Quiches | Crêpes | Biscuits

Whole egg powder is a staple in the baking industry. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, we produce a wide variety of egg powders that answer any requirement in the bakery segment.

Egg yolk powder

Mayonnaise | Béarnaise | Hollandaise | Aïoli

Egg yolk acts as an emulsifying agent, creating smooth sauces out of fluids and fat. Our enhanced heat stable egg yolk powders also enables you to produce reheatable and microwaveable sauces.


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