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We offer quality egg powders, lecithins and functional plant proteins

Texture and taste
Our ingredients are indispensable for the texture and taste experience of all kinds of products, from mayonnaise to vegetarian burgers, and from pastry to meringues.

Egg + Vegan
Besides traditional egg powders and lecithins we also develop and supply egg replacers and plant protein ingredients, to produce vegan cakes, burgers and sausages.


The way we eat is vital. For our own health and the planet. That is why a sustainable food industry is so important. Which ingredients do you use as a producer? How do you prevent waste? What is the ecological footprint of the ingredients you use for your applications?

At BK Ingredients, we are passionate about making the international food industry fairer and more sustainable.

What’s cooking in our kitchen?

Discover a brand new world of protein solutions

BK Ingredients is more than an ingredient company. We are innovators within the niche segment of egg powders, lecithins and functional plant proteins with over 15 years of experience.

Food safety, circularity and functionality are our primary focus. With our innovative products we bring balance to the market of protein supply and demand. 

In our innovative kitchen lab we test the consistency of our products and develop new ingredients for our focus applications cake, mayonnaise, vegan burgers and meringues.

We are developing egg inspired products

Care to join our food revolution


Traceability and transparency
Thanks to our close relations with our worldwide production locations, we know what’s behind the ingredients we market and sell. We know which farms produce our egg powders, we understand the origin of our non-GMO soya lecithin and know how long and at what temperature egg albumen powder is pasteurized.

Soy lecithin specialist
Due to years of experience selling soy lecithin in Europe, BK ingredients now offers different types of non-GMO soy lecithin for a wide range of applications. We have exclusive partnerships with soy lecithin producers in India, the most important producing region in the world. This enables us to offer our customers attractive prices.

Branko Klawer

‘I like to develop new ideas and create new combinations in the food chain between people, techniques, countries, products and markets.’

Meet Branko Klawer, owner, founder and Managing Director of BK Ingredients. Branko studied food technology at Wageningen University, where he specialised in international food supply chains. He is an excellent networker, a true people’s person, accessible to everyone, without a fuss.

Why egg powder?

In 2003 Branko visited India. Visiting this country and its people proved to be a life-changing experience. He decided to start his own business. He became the director of SKM Europe, the European branch of a large Indian egg powder company. After 15 years trading egg powders with SKM Europe, Branko reached a crossroads in his professional career. In 2020 he started a new company under the name of BK Ingredients. He now mainly buys egg powder in Europe.

BK Ingredients is now expanding with lecithins and developing new functional plant proteins. Branko: ‘It’s our ambition to make 5% of our volume plant-based within three years.

Branko Klawer BK Ingredients

‘I am not an inventor, or a researcher. I’m a developer. I immediately recognise if something’s good or not.’

This is a new branch of sport. We have realised a nice company. With a solid foundation, a lab, a well-functioning back office, a quality plan and well-considered ethics. Now it’s on to the next step. We need people for that. We need an efficient Supply Chain Manager to balance supply and demand and a Developer to expand the lab in collaboration with Wageningen University and the industry.’

‘You can separate an egg into white and yellow. With some time and effort, you can add value to both, creating indispensable building blocks.’

Webinar with Branko Klawer


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