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Quality egg powders, lecithins and functional plant proteins



We care about our customers. We are the linking pin between our worldwide producers and our customer base, providing you a steady supply for all your creations.



Food safety, circularity and functionality are our primary focus. With our innovative products we bring balance to the market of protein supply and demand.



Egg powders, lecithins and functional plant proteins are our specialty. We only sell ingredients we understand so we can give you solid advice of what you need to succeed.

We only sell ingredients we understand

Eggs have great nutritional value and offer taste and texture to a wide range of applications. Egg powders share the same positive characteristics as eggs with an additional essential property: shelf life. Our quality egg powders, lecithins and functional plant proteins, offer you all the functionality you need to create excellent products.

BK Ingredients is more than an ingredient supplier. We only sell ingredients we understand. In our in-house laboratory we test our ingredients in their final application. Besides taking care of food safety, circularity and functionality of our products we strive to be your service partner.

Functional ingredients for countless applications

BK Ingredients offers quality egg powders, lecithins and functional plant proteins for the EU and UK market. Our ingredients are indispensable for the texture and taste experience of all kinds of products, from mayonnaise to vegetarian burgers, and from pastry to meringues. Besides traditional egg powders and lecithins we also develop and supply egg replacers and plant protein ingredients to produce vegan cakes, burgers and sausages.

Work with us?

‘You can separate an egg into white and yellow. With some time and effort, you can add value to both, creating indispensable building blocks.’

We are looking for a hands-on Supply Chain Manager.

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